Many people around the world would have a hard time pinpointing Taiwan on a map. But for the people who’re doing media production in Taiwan, this country is a hidden gem. With many landmarks to shoot at, and clear laws, Taiwan is an offer you shouldn’t refuse for your next production.

Pros & Cons of Media Production in Taiwan

What’s it like putting together a media production in Taiwan? First of all, it’s cheaper than in many other places. Second, it’s safe especially considering the pandemic. According to many reports in the media, the Trinity of Shadows mega-production from Warner Media was a hit success while being made in Taiwan. This was because of the many restrictions that were imposed on the filming crews as well as very few infections in the country in general. Third, Taiwan is accessible, safe, and very reliable when it comes to any type of video work.

Media production in Taiwan is assured by a cheap workforce, as well as equipment that is available in all major cities at great prices. The best way to go for your project is to rent the equipment locally, as it will be cheaper than flying in on your own. You can also hire local people as your staff, even actors, to cut on the costs but not on quality. This is because Taiwanese people are hardworking and can be trusted, reliable and honorable. All factors will contribute to a great filming experience in a country that’s still viewed as exotic for most filming production studios.

As a con to filming in Taiwan, the language barrier is a huge deficit. Not many people speak English, which means you’ll require some translators. Still, even this little impediment is solvable with money, as translators usually work for much cheaper than in a European country, for example.

Where to film in Taiwan for surreal backdrops

Taiwan has made a huge difference in the world scene of movies and TV shows in recent years. Both HBO and Netflix, as well as other huge media producers, choose this island country in South East Asia as a filming location. But what are some of the more famous shooting locations in Taiwan? What is your media production in Taiwan going to bring about on the actual shooting days? For once, there’s Taipei, one of the most advanced cities on earth and industrial, cultural, economic, and touristic wonders. Jump on the fast elevator to the roof of Taipei 101 for some cinematic shots over the metropolis.

Leaving the city behind, Taiwan is famous for its natural wonders. One of which is the Shei-Pa National Park, offering dramatic backdrops for mountain-related video productions. If you’re into sealife and preservation, Green Sea Turtles on Xiaoliuqiu is a must-visit place to shoot. Don’t forget about the Yehliu Geo Park, a place with geoformations that look straight out of an SF movie or TV series.