Even if you might not be aware of this fact, Taiwan is the land of many international filmography successes which means a production assistant in Taiwan is a must-have. Movies like “Gorgeous” with Jackie Chan or “The New Legend Of Shaolin” with Jet Li are just two examples of the many legendary films shot in the country.

Undiscovered Movie Sets Of Taiwan

However, as your production assistant in Taiwan knows, there are many spots that people still haven’t used as movie sets. For example, a great spot that could be the backdrop of any action movie is the Wuchong Waterfall. The city of Wulai is famous among tourists but the waterfall is a hidden gem even for locals, and surely movie producers.

Another one is Mukumugi, located just 20km outside Hualien, a small valley that’s mysterious and idyllic. It’s the ideal spot for nature documentaries filming, or even travel-related movies. This too is a lesser-known place, with very few tourists coming here every year.

If you’re a movie producer looking for a moon-like environment, your production assistant in Taiwan will take you to the Tianliao Moon World. As the name suggests, the Tianliao looks and feels like you’re on another planet, or natural satellite, in this case. With Taiwan being so lush in general, seeing a place that looks desertic and out of this world is unique even for Taiwanese people, let alone foreigners.

What about movies having to do with romance, for example? Well, the Jiaming Lake is the ideal spot for such a film. Standing tall at 3.520 meters above sea level, this lake is the second-highest in all of Taiwan. People of the area believe a meteorite is the main cause of the lake, although scientific research shows glacial movements are at the base of its creation. It’s not easy filming anything at this height, but with the right production assistant in Taiwan, it can be done. And the way a place like this would look in a movie is utterly incredible.

Filming with the help of a production assistant in Taiwan

Regardless if you’re getting ready to film in a more secluded location or one of the many famous ones, Taiwan is an open and offering a lot when it comes to shooting documentaries and movies. The very best way to go for it when it comes to production is by finding a production assistant in Taiwan. You can rest assured that our company will help you in that regard.

Filming in Taiwan is easy once you have your production assistant in place. He will take care of the business behind the scenes putting together a working schedule. He or she will ensure hotel bookings for your staff and actors, professional meeting rooms, even equipment, and car rental services that you need for a good day on the sets.

As far as weather goes, Taiwan is a hot country for most of the year. Your only concern is avoiding the rainy season, as well as the extremely hot summer months. If you’re shooting from September to May, you will encounter no major weather-related problems other than your occasional downpour. Shooting is normal during the day and night, as the production assistant in Taiwan will ensure the team has all the necessary paperwork for smooth operation regardless of the hour of the day.