Taiwan stands out with both scenic backdrops and a large pool of professionals. So, when it comes to filming here, it becomes obvious that many movies make it as box-office hits. And production services in Taiwan are a key element of that success. This being said, how many remarkable movies filmed here do you know?

Award-Worthy Production Services In Taiwan

While Taiwan embodies the best of several worlds, it takes more than just looks to make movies great. With its developed infrastructure and stunning backdrops, this Asian destination is a dreamland. As a result, filmmakers from across the world know that here they can find it all for great films. Of course, the wide array of production services in Taiwan covers many resources, at great rates. Nonetheless, taking a look at some of the productions hosted by this country, one can recognize the signs of success.

Life Of Pi (2012) made the most of Taiwan’s picturesque southeastern coast. It got nominated for three Golden Globe Awards (Best Picture, Best Drama, and Best Director). And it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. Moreover, at the Academy Awards, it had eleven nominations and won four, Ang Lee getting the Best Director.

Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016) starred acclaimed names like Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson. Before getting filmed in Taiwan, the movie faced more than two decades of delays. At the Academy Awards, it got nominated for Best Cinematography.

Last, but not least, Lucy (2014) featured in some of its sci-fi, futuristic scenes a few locations from Taipei. The production gained more than eleven times its initial budget, a real hit at the box office. The awards and nominations mostly acknowledged Scarlet Johannson’s talent. The nomination for Visual Effects Society Awards praised the post-production work.

Of course, the list can continue, with more than cinematographic hits. Production services in Taiwan can also accommodate commercials or documentaries. And the future seems more and more promising.

Taiwan’s New Wave Cinema

Since the beginning of the ’80s,a new trend in Taiwan cinematography began blossoming. As opposed to the “healthy realism” depicted before, the New Wave Cinema had a different style. Movies now strived to capture more of the real-life of ordinary people. As a result, martial arts movies or coming-of-age comedies got pushed aside.

Iconic New Wave directors made their way into the public’s hearts, and film festivals too. Their work focused on “realist films”, putting Taiwan’s social phenomena under the spotlight. As such, Hou-­Hsiao-­hsien is one of the big names. He gained more recognition when he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for A City of Sadness (1989). Plus, he received the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for The Assassin (2015).

More contemporary stories get depicted in Your Name Engraved Herein (2020). It is a romantic drama, directed by Patrick Kuang-Hui Liu. As 2020’s most popular Taiwanese film, it received five Golden Horse Award nominations. However, this movie also won Best Cinematography and Best Original Film Song. Last, but not least, it also holds the record as the highest-grossing LGBT film in Taiwan’s history.

Behind every successful film story stand the top production services in Taiwan. So, rely on experienced fixers to ease your way when filming abroad.