Fixer Taiwan: Local Support for TV Crews, Journalists and Filmmakers

Fixer Taiwan is a network of reliable and highly experienced professionals in the media industry providing local support for international production in Taiwan. At Fixer Taiwan, we provide direct production assistance in form of location scouting and general production services. We also have a network of local partners through which we supply logistics and other more complex production needs.

Our network of Taiwanese fixers is spread out all over the country. We are highly experienced in working with international crews.

Filming in Taiwan may be tricky, thus reliable local help is crucial. Our film fixers help you make the most of what our country has to offer: from its pristine natural parks to bustling cities. In addition, we also work with journalists on covering local stories.

Fixer Taiwan is a member of Storytailors, a video production network of highly reliable professionals working with TV, film and journalism all over the world.

Fixer Taiwan - Filming in Taiwan

Here are some of the services Fixer Taiwan offers:

– General fixer services (production assistance) for TV commercials, foreign journalists and film producers in Taiwan

– Crew sourcing at affordable rates

Research, location scouting and permits for filming in Taiwan 

In addition, our fixers in Taiwan can work in a number of roles in any production team including:

– Production managers: we can take charge of the general issues related to production

– Production assistants: basic help and translation on the ground

– Location scout/managers: a one-stop shop for finding and booking filming locations

Whether you are working in Taipei or anywhere else in Taiwan, we can surely provide fixer services and assistance for your production.  

Contact us at any time for inquiries about your scheduled production in Taiwan. 

We will be glad to provide initial research and consultation services free of charge.

Production Services

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Initial research, fact checks, interview access and logistics

TV commercials

Location scouting, crew sourcing and hiring, logistics

General production assistance

Our Taiwanese production fixers act as an all-around solution for all your needs

Film production

A reliable and affordable option for producers and filmmakers

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Top quality equipment rental in Taiwan

Location scouting and permits processing

Location research and permits processing throughout Taiwan.

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