Our mode of operation is similar to that of a fully-fledged production company in Taiwan. Our fixers act autonomously to sort out locations, access and general production help. We can also assist with hiring extra production crew and sort out logistic issues.

By working with us, you get to enjoy an advantage of lower costs compared to what you will be charged by regular production companies since our fixers work on a freelance basis.

Location Scouting

Our fixers in Taiwan can help your secure locations within Taipei as well as other places throughout the country. We will help you find the best locations and sort access and permits.

Crew Sourcing

Taiwan has a small, but mature film industry. This means there is a fairly great depth of local crew available for hire. Taiwan is also close to major production centers in Asia, which means bringing in specialized crews from these countries is easy. Taiwanese professionals are resourceful and hardworking although finding English speaking people can be a bit hard.

Equipment Hire

Taipei and Kaohsiung are the main production centers in Taiwan and filming equipment is readily available for rental in these cities. Most of the basic filming gear is available locally. This includes steady cams, red dragon and cranes. More specialized equipment can easily be brought in from the bigger production centers in Asia like Hong Kong, Tokyo or Shanghai.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Taiwanese fixers have extensive knowledge and experience in working on news reports for international journalists. We can get access anywhere in the country, from large cities to remote villages.

Our local production fixers can also assist with research, carrying out fact checks and general support.

General Production Support

With the help our fixers in Taiwan, we can easily assist with putting together all your logistic needs for both small and big scale projects. We will help you work within budget and on schedule.

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