Our country offers a variety of locations within a short distance to each other. Filming locations in Taiwan boast modern vibrant cities, pristine natural parks and industrial cities. Taiwan offers an impressive mix of modern and ancient Japanese and Chinese architecture.

Filmmakers looking for a viable alternative to mainland China and Chinese looking talent can make use of Taiwanese infrastructure. The country has hosted movies like Lucy, Silence, The Crossing and Life of Pi.

Here are some of the popular filming locations in Taiwan.


The capital city is also main production center in Taiwan. Asides hosting most of the crew and equipment rental services, the Northern Taiwanese city also offers several natural and manmade structures that are perfect as filming locations. Popular places in Taipei include the Taipei 101 Tower, the National Palace Museum, Elephant Mountain and the Huashan Creative Park.

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Located just outside of the city of Taipei, the Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most popular and widely unusual filming locations in Taiwan. The newly renovated area is famous for its beautiful sunset. In addition, the delicious seafood cuisines and a scenic view form a perfect backdrop for shoots. Other filming locations just outside Taipei include Juifen and Shifen Waterfalls.

Central Taiwan

The central region of Taiwan is generally mountainous. The Jade Mountain, Taiwan’s highest peak, can be found in this area and so are the country’s famous tea plantations. Other notable locations include the Xinshe Castle, the Alishan Forest Railway and a long list of others.


Kaohsiung is the second biggest production center in Taiwan after the capital. The massive coastal city located in southern Taiwan is a truly modern city with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and parks. The port city is also home to the famous Dragon and Tiger Pagodas.

Taroko National Park

The Taroko National park is located in Eastern Taiwan and it is popular for the Taroko Gorge after which it is named. Also located in eastern Taiwan are the twin volcanic islands: Green Island and Orchid Island.

Outer Islands of Taiwan

The Matsu Islands and Kinmen archipelago lie just off the coast of China. The Kinmen Island which saw extensive bombardment during the Taiwan Strait crisis is gradually being demilitarized and offers some impressive scenic views.