Hiring a production coordinator in Taiwan might be a tricky job if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re planning on coming to Taiwan for a spot-on media production and looking for the ideal coordinator, we have a few tips for you. Keep reading so that you don’t spoil a good production from before its inception.

What to look for in a production coordinator in Taiwan

What to look for when you want to hire your production coordinator in Taiwan? First and foremost, you should be looking into his or her experience. Coordinators should have vast experience in overseeing many production formats, such as movies, documentaries, series, ads, and so on. If they are a niched coordinator, you have to be specific, and only interview people who’re from the same domain of interest as your production is. A great coordinator who’s worked on SF series before won’t be of much help in a restaurant advertisement.

Another key aspect to look for in a great production coordinator in Taiwan is their experience with the English language. Being an Asian country, you’ll notice that not many people speak English in Taiwan, including those working in the media. Make sure your future coordinator has a great grasp of both written and spoken English, as you don’t want to be put in a position to hire translators in the middle of the production. If they can’t be reliable with their language skills, no matter how great they are professionally, you simply won’t be able to communicate.

Professionalism is a third and key feature of a great coordinator. Make sure your assistant knows pretty much everything there’s to be known about making a film. Cameras and equipment, actor management, scripts, editing software, logistics. They should be familiar with everything having to do with your production and the management of your crew.

What’s it like producing videos in Taiwan

Right, now that we know what to look for when hiring a production coordinator in Taiwan, let’s look at what’s it like to actually film there. Taiwan is a wonderful country filled with hidden gems ready to be put on the world’s screens. You’ve got history, temples, megacities, cultural zones, traditions to be explored, foods, and drinks. The list is endless. Just from this, you can grasp that producing video in Taiwan is simply exciting.

Speaking of hidden gems, besides Taipei and another handful of cities and famous locations, you should really go off the grid in Taiwan. Starting with a place called Dulan. Here, besides the picturesque bridge shaped to look like a dragon, you will encounter many natural spectacles from both the mainland and the sea. Another hidden gem far away from tourists is Mukumugi, currently holding the title of Taiwan’s best-kept secret. What is Mukumugi? This little valley is just 20 kilometers away from Hualien, being simply described as a place of exceptional natural beauty. You will surely love filming in this place!