Taiwan is a small island country in the middle of the South China Sea. With the constant growth in all domains, including video and movie production, it’s a great idea to shoot a project here, financially. Hiring a film fixer in Taiwan should be at the top of your to-do list. Even before even heading out to this great place.

Film fixer in Taiwan – why it’s so important

Why is it so important to hire a film fixer in Taiwan even before thinking of anything else? In a world, exoticism. No, Taiwan has no exotic rainforests or luxurious beaches, but it is exotic in terms of culture, language, and everyday life. This means, filming in Taiwan without a fixer is going to be a challenge you won’t be able to pass. The wisest thing to do when deciding to film there is to not go against the wind, and immediately hire one. The great news is, Taiwan is an affordable country to do movies in. Everything is reasonably priced, from food to stays, and from transportation to accommodation.

Even work is reasonably priced there, so finding a film fixer in Taiwan that you can afford should not be an issue. A good professional should be easy to find without breaking the bank. You don’t just pay for a person to assist you on the set. You are also paying for a problem-solver, a guide, a translator, and a culture-knower. Finally, you pay to enter the lives of the locals, of the people you will interact and even film with. If you’re shooting a documentary, you 100% have to have a fixer. The same goes for a movie or any other production that requires you to interact with the people of any location.

Finally, it’s important to have a fixer in Taiwan because of the many laws you need to take into account while filming.

What makes a great film fixer

What are the main qualities of a good film fixer in Taiwan? First, they know Chinese and English perfectly. You need a man or woman who can speak both, as to break the barrier of language between your crew and the locals. Second, you need a person who’s great at solving problems. If your equipment has issues, the fixer will take it to a shot to be fixed in no time. If you run out of extras, your fixer will be able to find some immediately. And if you can’t film at one location, for any reason, your fixer will secure another one by lunch.

But the most important quality in a fixer, anywhere in the world, is communication. If you and the person you’ve hired never click, in terms of collaboration, the communication problem that will arise will severely impact your work together. This is why, above all else, make sure you and your fixer are one the same pace verbally. If this milestone is passed, you’ll be in for a great project together.