When names like Martin Scorsese or Luc Besson set their eyes on a location, you know it’s one worth it. Film locations in Taiwan do live up to their reputation, no doubt. With its quite vibrant local film industry, this island has all it takes to charm any filmmaker.

A Quick Glance Over Top Film Locations In Taiwan

A well-developed infrastructure and a large offering of filming resources? Taiwan is the winning option and the latest go-to island for many filmmakers. Big names in the industry turn their eye and camera towards this Eastern Asian gem due to its potential.

Film locations in Taiwan come with the great advantage of being relatively close. The high-end studios in the area also make shooting here a hassle-free experience. No wonder that box-office hits were also filmed here. 

Easily recognizable spots include Hotel Regent or Tri-Service General Hospital. Featured in Luc Besson’s Lucy (2014), these places can serve assets for action-packed films. But the hotel accommodates guests (fans or not),at a considerable rate.

The Life of Pi masterpiece (2012) also introduced several telegenic places. The production used backdrops from Kenting National Park. Houbi Lake, Baisha Bay, and Banyan Park are some of the gorgeous places that made it on film. They were mostly used for the fluorescent island scene. Also, many of the animals appearing in the movie actually live at Taipei Zoo. Shuinan Airport underwent quite the transformation for this production. The crew built a massive wave pool here to recreate the ocean.

Of course, we could not skip the wondrous Yangmingshan National Park, in Jinguashi. Featured in Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016), it is one of the jaw-dropping film locations in Taiwan. Some spots caught on film include the hot springs of Beitou and the Taroko Gorge.

Sounds like Taiwan could be your next film destination?

Ease Of Access For Filming in Taiwan

Some locations look gorgeous and can make a great backdrop for a movie. But not all of them are too accessible. And that can lead to filmmakers changing their minds and opting for an easier-to-reach spot.

The good news is film locations in Taiwan come backed up by a robust and stable infrastructure. With paved roads, railways, and great flight connections, the island is easy to access. And with a local fixer, you can get around with no stress and have everything you need to shoot in no time.

You can get your crew and gear moved from one side to another of the island in less than an hour. Filming on the north side in the morning can bring you plenty of b-roll from Taipei’s bustling streets. Cross off the list the glamorous Xinyi District or the traditional neighborhoods. Get some genuine Chinese, Japanese, and modern vibes on film and then, end your day of shooting south. Yangmingshan National Park is merely 40 minutes away, driving from downtown Taipei.

When picking a location, get to know the most favorable time of the day to shoot or specific formalities. Taiwan Fixer can help with all these details.